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    Posted on June 22, 2015 10:01 am

    A big thanks to Cher for all her time and help.  My online application was answered the same evening that it was sent, despite it being after office hours.  Throughout the application and approval process I could contact Cher both through the day and it seemed most evenings. (handy when your working)
    My loan with Active had been approved before another company to whom I applied at the same time had even acknowledged receipt of an application.
    I got to choose how much to pay back and over what period,  which made budgeting for the loan a lot easier.
    The interest rate I was given was 6% lower than our last finance company and 5% lower than my high street bank could offer.
    Couldnt be happier with both the loan and the service.  Thanks again Cher.  Your a legend!!