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    Unsecured Loans

    Good news! Unsecured loans are possible with

    Active Finance!

    People apply for unsecured loans through Active Finance for a huge variety of purposes. We’re more worried about helping you realise your dreams than judging the purpose of your loan, so we can provide unsecured loans for just about anything, including but not limited to:

    • Purchasing a new car or boat
    • Covering the costs of weddings or events
    • Consolidating small debts into a single payment
    • Paying for medical expenses
    • Completing maintenance on your car or home

    At Active Finance, we recognise that not everybody has assets that they can use as a backup to provide security for their loans. However, we don’t think that should mean that it is impossible for you to get a personal loan. That’s why we offer personal unsecured loans, where you don’t have to offer any collateral for your loan. The amount we can offer for unsecured loans is generally lower than for secured loans and the interest rate is a little higher, so they are perfect for smaller loans that you intend to pay back relatively quickly. Some basic criteria that would need to be satisfied is:

    • Good to excellent credit history
    • Minimum age is 18 years old
    • Minimum income is $280.00 net per week
    • Unsecured loans available from $1000.00

    If you have a bad credit rating, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t get an unsecured personal loan. We would need to assess your application fully before we could advise on if we could help or not. A general guide for looking at unsecured loans with bad credit is that they need to be non-financial, small ones and paid or under a payment arrangement. We offer a range of options for bad credit loans that could be just what you need so don’t despair. Find out more about our bad credit loans here.

    Applying for an unsecured loan through Active Finance is a bit different than going through your usual banks. We don’t follow the same system of adding ‘normal lending criteria apply’ to all our options, as we know that everyone loan application is different. We’ll judge your application for an unsecured loan on its own merits. Usually, if you are in stable employment with no adverse credit history, we can help you out with an unsecured loan. We strive to support everyone in achieving their financial goals, regardless of their situation. By using a wide variety of lenders, we are able to find the unsecured loan that will suit your situation best. Our flexible repayment terms also help ensure that your loan is right for you, on the day you apply for it all the way through until when it has been completely repaid.

    Whatever your needs are, Active Finance are here to help. Apply  for your unsecured loan online today, and see just how simple it is to get your loan approved with Active Finance. Alternatively, if you’d like to talk through the options available for your loan and repayment structures, get in contact  with our experienced team and they will be happy to discuss it with you.

    Interest rates for unsecured loans do vary based on your overall profile which includes your credit history which must be good or excellent, residence and income stability. Loan terms also vary but you can expect to be able to repay your loan between a minimum of 6 months and maximum of 48 months typically, there can be variations to this and we try and structure the repayments to suit you and your affordability hence the term can vary to meet individual requirements. We have given an interest rate guide below along with an example based on a real case of a typical unsecured personal loan taken out over 24 months and repaying weekly for a borrower who has a good to excellent credit history.

    Unsecured personal loan interest rates range between 17.95% and a maximum of 25.95%
    Example: Amount financed of $6,240.00 over 24 months (2 years) at the minimum rate of 17.95% = 104 weekly repayments of $73.36  and at the maximum rate of 25.95% = 104 weekly repayments of $78.54

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