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    Payday Loans

    When you need a quick cash injection, Active Finance can help out with instant approval of a shorter term loan. Payday loans are shorter term but still over a minimum period of 6 months to help make the repayments easier. These loans are usually unsecured loans to help you out whenever you need a bit of extra cash. Active Finance works with a wide array of lenders, so we can offer payday loans at extremely competitive rates. We can also offer an instant approval, so there is no waiting around when you need cash quickly. Below are three key requirements of getting one of these types of loans, if you don’t quite meet any of them then we maybe able to help you using one of our secured loan options.

    • Minimum age 18 years old
    • Minimum net income of $350.00 per week
    • Good to excellent credit history

    If you are concerned that you have a bad credit history, we can still help you with a bad credit loan. Find out more here.

    With a payday loan from Active Finance Loans, you can borrow only what you need, keeping your total debts low and ensuring that your repayments are manageable. The maximum loan period for a payday loan arranged by Active Finance is normally 24 months. That means you can pay off your loan quickly, and keep your finances under control. Whether you need a bit of cash to pay off your bills or cover some expenses for a short time, Active Finance will certainly try and help you out.

    At Active Finance Loans, we strive to help everyone who needs a short-term loan. Being a Finance Broker means unlike some lending institutions, we don’t have set criteria that you have to meet to get a cash loan. As long as you are over 18 and have a minimum net income of $350.00 per week and good credit, we can almost certainly help you out. We can even help you out if you’re looking for your first loan. Or have bad credit but this will require security, please see here secured loan. We use a wide variety of lenders, so we can work to find a payday loan that suits you, no matter what your previous financial situation has been we will work on your behalf to try and find a finance solution. We’ll assess your loan application on your current ability to pay it back without precluding you for whatever has happened in the past with your credit. Our focus is on you, and providing you with quick and friendly service. That’s why we have such a large and satisfied customer base, and our customers are happy to recommend us to others.

    To calculate the repayments on your payday loan from Active Finance Loans, check out our repayment calculator. You can get started with you payday loan right now by filling out our simple online loan application, and see just how quick and easy it is to get your payday loan approved with Active Finance . If you have any questions about your loan or repayments, get in touch with our friendly team and they will be happy to help you out.

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