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    Roadside Assistance Full Policy

    A comprehensive 24 hour, 7 day assistance program NZ Roadside Assistance provides our customers with 24 hours/ 7 days a week access to:

    • Minor Roadside Repairs
    • Technical Advice
    • Battery Assistance
    • Tyre Assistance
    • Roadside Recovery Towing
    • Emergency Fuel
    • Vehicle Lock Out
    • Parts & Services Locator
    • Urgent Message Relay
    • Accident Coordination
    • Automotive Repair Assistance

    In the unlikely event of a mechanical breakdown, the security of having NZ Roadside Assist only a phone call away can relive some of the stress that can come about in these instances. Details of the terms and conditions of the policy are listed within this brochure.


    Minor Roadside Repairs

    NZRA will carry out minor breakdown related repairs, where it is possible and safe to do so, at the roadside. However, if major parts of factory diagnostic equipment id required, the vehicle may require transportation to an authorised service centre to facilitate repairs.

    Technical Advice

    Telephone technical advice will be provided by the NZRA operators in relation to the vehicle operation, any safety warnings or lights that may appear or technical information regarding your vehicle.

    Battery Assistance

    NZRA will cover the cost of a battery boost to facilitate the roadside repair of any battery failure. You will be responsible for any costs $100.00 (incl. GST) per event or any parts used.

    Tyre Assistance

    NZRA will fit your serviceable spare wheel when a puncture occurs. You will be responsible for any costs over @100.00 (incl. GST) per event.

    Roadside Recovery Towing

    In the even your vehicle is immobilised or is not safe to drive, NZRA will transport your vehicle to your choice of repairer. You will be responsible for any costs over $100.00 (incl.GST) per event.

    Emergency Fuel

    NZRA will arrange for wither the delivery of an emergency supply of fuel up to 5ltrs or, where government regulations require, transport your vehicle to the nearest refuelling station. You will be responsible for any costs over $100 (incl. GST) per event and the costs of the fuel.

    Vehicle Lock Out

    In the event you lock your keys out of your vehicle, NZRA will organise a service provider to attempt to retrieve the key from the locked vehicle any damage at drivers risk and cost. For lost keys NZRA will either arrange for the spare key to be delivered to you by taxi or arrange for a lock smith to attend. You will be responsible for any costs over $100.00 (incl. GST) per event.

    Policy Conditions & Exclusions

    Once you have contacted us for breakdown service, it is vital that you are with the vehicle at the designated time of arrival for the service agent. If the vehicle is unattended, work cannot be carried out on your vehicle and payment may be required for any subsequent call-outs, prior to sending further assistance.

    In the interest of providing a quality service at a competitive price, we reserve the right to amend or withdraw service where use is excessive due to lack of regular preventative maintenance, non-compliance to rectify any recurring failures or numerous call- outs due to owner/driver related error. For vehicle located off public roads, all costs will be the member’s responsibility.

    In the event that you request assistance but your policy has lapsed or you have used up your specified policy call-outs, you will be asked to pay a case fee of $25, plus the call out charges NZRA by credit/debit card.

    Costs relating to parts, labour and any other associated costs for the repair of your vehicle, including replacement batteries or tyres, will be at the cost of the owner/driver via credit/debit card.

    We shall not be held responsible for and any third party providers and we will not be required to provide any services where any of the following occur:

    • The vehicle has undergone unauthorised modifications or accessories have been fitted to the vehicle which is not approved by the manufacturer.
    • Where the vehicle has been driven outside its legal description of use.
    • Where the vehicle does not have a current Warrant of Fitness (Wof) OR Certificate of Fitness (Cof).
    • The vehicle is carrying more passengers or towing a greater weight than that for which it was designed as stated in the manufacturer’s specifications.
    • Improper, unauthorised, reckless or negligent operation of the vehicle or misuse of the vehicle.
    • Improper, unauthorised, reckless or negligent operation of the vehicle or misuse of the vehicle
    • Loss or damage directly or indirectly in consequence of war, invasion, act of God, act of foreign enemies, hostilities whether war be declared or not, civil war, rebellion, insurrection, terrorism, military and usurped power, riot, or civil commotion or sabotage.
    • Mechanical breakdown due to driver related damage or misuse of the vehicle; assistance will still be provided, however the driver will be responsible for all costs.
    • We shall not be held responsible for any damage or theft of objects and accessories that are left in out outside the vehicle but will exercise all due care to leave the vehicle secure where able to do so.
    • We will look to recover the cost of any breakdowns resulting from unauthorised repairs or from faulty workmanship performed by service stations, garages or other people causing a breakdown, damage or failure.
    • This excludes liability from members where loss or damage results from the influences of intoxication substances or drugs which exceed the limits prescribe by the law.

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