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    Credit Contract Insurance


    Credit Contract Indemnity Insurance

    Credit contract indemnity insurance from Active Finance will help protect you, your family and your financial situation if something unexpected occurs that prevents you from being able to meet the obligations of a credit contract that you have previously entered into. Unexpected events may include: death, accidents, illness, redundancy, bankruptcy, hospitalisation and others.

    If you’re unable to meet your payments due to unforeseen circumstances, we’ll cover your payments, easing the stress on you and your family in difficult situations. Active Finance’s credit contract insurance can cover up to $3,300 a month for you, or $200,000 in total, and will cover you for the following situations:

    • In the event of death, we’ll cover outstanding payments and anything up to 3 months in arrears;
    • Accidents that prevent you from going to work for more than 7 days;
    • Redundancy (other than voluntary redundancy) that leaves you without work for more than 7 days;
    • Business interruptions, such as damage to business premises that prevents operation;
    • Bankruptcy, as declared by the High Court;
    • Suspension from employment as a result of a lawful strike;
    • Hospitalisation for periods of more than 7 days.

    To view our full terms and conditions, please check the details for Active Finance’s credit contract indemnity insurance. To get started with your insurance policy today, contact one of our friendly and experienced insurance advisors. They’ll be happy to talk you through the options and find the policy that is right for you.

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