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    Insurance & Warranties


    At Active Finance, we offer you more than just an outstanding range of loans at great rates. We also have a number of insurance and warranty products that will help you protect the important investments you have made.

    Motor Vehicle Insurance

    Motor vehicle insurance from Active Finance provides comprehensive full cover for your vehicle, so you have complete peace of mind. Our cover includes damage sustained in accidents, loss through fire or theft, windscreen and glass and liability cover for damage caused to other vehicles or property. We also have options available for those looking for a reduced level of cover. For more details, view our options here for motor vehicle insurance.

    Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

    Active Finance offers a range of insurance options to cover unexpected mechanical breakdown. That means if you purchase a vehicle and something goes wrong, you won’t be left on your own to deal with it. Our mechanical breakdown insurance can cover costs of towing, accommodation if you are stuck away from home, and a rental vehicle in some circumstances. For available options, see the details of our mechanical breakdown insurance.

    Guaranteed Asset Protection Insurance

    Guaranteed asset protection (GAP) insurance covers the difference between the value of your vehicle paid out by your insurance company and the balance left owing on your finance agreement. That means if something goes wrong and your vehicle is written off, you won’t be stuck with  the loan balance and no asset. At Active Finance, we offer comprehensive GAP insurance to protect your investment in the future which can include additional benefits like a deposit towards your next purchase, paying your insurance excess, accommodation and rental car hireage to name a few.

    Marine Breakdown insurance

    Just as with your car, when you purchase a new boat, you need to know that your investment is protected. With Active Finance’s marine warranties, you can be sure that you are protected from damages or loss due to unforeseen circumstances. To see exactly what we can cover you for, check the details of our marine breakdown insurance.

    Consumer Credit Insurance

    Active Finance’s consumer credit insurance will ensure that if you have an accident and are unable to pay your loan, you won’t be stuck with a huge problem. In such cases, it’ll take care of your repayments or in the severe and unfortunate case of death settle the balance owing on your loan so there is nothing additional to worry about. To read more, see the details of our consumer credit insurance policies.

    Roadside Assistance

    Active Finance’s Roadside Assistance provides you with 24/7 Nationwide Roadside Assistance cover for your total peace of mind motoring. Roadside assist is just a phone call away to get you up and running again, call toll free and quote your membership or vehicle registration number. To read more, see details of our Roadside Assistance Policy


    If you have any queries about any of our insurances about the feel free to get in contact with us and our friendly and experienced team will be happy to talk you through the options available to you.

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