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    Bridging Finance

    If you’re about to buy a property and need a loan quickly to get the deal closed, bridging finance from Active Finance may be the perfect option for you. Bridging loans are short-term loans, available when you need a quick solution while you arrange a longer term option. Active Finance offers bridging finance with great interest rates to carry you over until you can find that permanent solution. We also understand that when you’re looking for bridging finance, you need it quickly, and that’s why Active Finance offers instant approval for bridging finance.

    Active Finance can also offer bridging finance solutions for property owners who need a short-term loan while arranging something long term to cover things like construction projects or completion of property upgrades. Bridging loans can provide you with the capital to get things completed, so you don’t have to put everything on hold while you sort out long-term financing.

    Bridging finance with Active Finance: why choose us?

    When you apply  for a bridging loan with Active Finance, you’ll notice that we are a bit different from traditional financial institutions. We treat you like an individual, and your loan application will be treated in the same way. We don’t usual a list of ‘normal lending criteria’ that you have to meet before we’ll approve your loan. Instead, we look at your current financial situation and your ability to pay back the loan. By using a wide range of lenders, we can find something that suits you, no matter what your past credit history may be like. It also allows us to provide bridging finance at extremely competitive interest rates, as we are not tied to a single lender. That means that you get the best deal available for you, not just the one that suits your lender best.

    No matter what your situation, Active Finance are here to help. You can get started today with by completing our simple application, and leave the rest to us. We’ll take a look at your application, then work to find the best bridging loan for you. If you’d like to talk through any of our other options for property loans , get in contact with our friendly team and they’ll be happy to work out a loan option that suits your needs.

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