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    Home loans & finance

    Property owners, or potential property owners, often need a quick capital boost to complete projects, or close the deal on buying a new property. Whether you are looking to complete the finishing touches on your new home and just need a little additional cash, or if you have found the home of your dreams but haven’t found a long term loan to pay for it yet, Active Finance are here to help you out. With our years of experience in the New Zealand finance industry, we can bring you home loans at outstanding rates, and provide you with flexible repayment terms to make sure that your loan suits your financial situation.

    Bridging Finance

    Bridging finance  can be arranged to help you out before a more permanent finance solution can be found for your property loan. Bridging loans are short-term loans, and can be used to make sure your property deal is completed quickly, even if you don’t have a permanent loan in place at the time. They can also be used to complete projects on your property, where you need a short-term cash boost before finalising a long term home loan. Active Finance can assist you by ensuring that bridging finance is arranged rapidly, at a great rate, and with minimal fees.

    Home Repairs and Renovations

    Active Finance can also provide loans for home repairs and renovations, to give you the required capital to complete your dream home, or undertake urgent repairs. A home loan for home repairs or renovations from Active Finance will help remove the stress of funding the projects that you need or want to complete, so you can get on with the business of actually getting them done. We believe in making things easy for you, so we’ll do the shopping around for you, and make sure you get the best rate possible on your property loan.

    Active Finance Home Loans : why choose us?

    Active Finance is a little different to traditional lending institutions. We treat each application we get individually, and are committed to helping everyone we can. By using a variety of lenders, we can bring you a loan with an excellent rate, even if you don’t have a perfect credit record. We’ll assess your application on your ability to pay off the loan now, not on your past.

    To see how easy it is for Active Finance to help you with a property loan or property financing, complete our simple online application today. To learn more about our options for property loans, get in contact with our experienced and friendly team, and they will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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