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    Motor Vehicle Insurance FAQ’s

    If your question is not answered below please either call us on 0800 MY FINANCE (693 462) or submit a query using the live chat or contact us page and one of our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you.


    Do I need to put the policy under two names (i.e. partners, husband and wife etc)?

    It is best to if they both want to be able to alter or query the policy or be able to make a claim under it. Due to the Privacy Act we can only discuss the policy with the person/s named as the policy holder.

    The vehicle is for my 20 year old daughter/son but I am financing it. Do I have to add her/him  as the main driver?

    Yes. If the details of the main driver are incorrect there may be no cover in the event of a claim. The policy should also be under her/his name, probably best to have a joint policy in these situations.

    How do I add Glass Cover?

    This is already included in our policy. There is no excess to pay in the event of any glass claim and these claims will not affect the customers No Claims Bonus or future premiums. Windscreens, Sunroofs and all windows are covered under this benefit.

    I get paid on a Wednesday night. What day should I pick for my Direct Debits?

    Thursday, being the next day. We cannot set a time for the Direct Debits to be deducted as all banks are different. It is a good idea to choose the day after the funds have been deposited to ensure there is money in the customer’s account.

    My customer uses their vehicle for business.

    Sorry we only have a Private Use policy and are unable to ensure any vehicle that is used for business.

    Can we insure a vehicle for an Agreed Sum Insured?

    No. As we are a Market Value insurer we are unable to set a Sum Insured. Any total loss claim will be settled on the average of two Pre Accident Valuations. These are obtained by independent registered motor vehicle valuers.

    Why is there nowhere to advise what licence the customer is on?

    Unlike some other insurers we do not charge additional premiums for customers on learners or restricted licenses. We feel an age excess is enough to cover the less experienced drivers. However in the event of an accident the driver must be adhering to the conditions of their license.

    For example:

    • a driver on a learners license must have a supervisor with them at all times
    • a restricted license driver must be driving within the permitted times
    • a driver with no valid licence at the time of an accident will have no cover.

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