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    Private Sale Car Loans & Finance

    If you need to update your car, get something bigger that will fit the whole family, or are looking to purchase your first car, don’t get stuck with limited options because of your finance company. Some lending institutions will limit you to only a list of approved car dealerships. However, at Active Finance, we realise that these aren’t necessarily the best place for you to buy your car. That’s why we offer private sale car loans. That way, you get maximum freedom in selecting where you buy your car from, whether you buy it from friends, family members, online or any other form of private sales.

    Get a private sale car loan pre-approved

    With a private sale car loan from Active Finance, you can also get pre-approval for your loan. So you can shop with confidence knowing exactly how much you have to spend. And, when you find the right vehicle for you, the money will be available almost immediately. What’s more, when you have your loan pre-approved, you can make an offer to buy in cash, so you can maximize your negotiating power.

    When we arrange car loans or finance for private sales, we make sure we are getting you the best interest rate possible. We also keep our fees as low as possible, so you can use your money to buy a car, rather than spending a large proportion of it on administration costs. This means you can buy the car you’ve earned, not just what you have left over after the loan application process. We also offer flexible repayment terms, so you can choose a car loan option that suits your financial situation best, now and in the future.

    Private sale car loans tailored to your individual needs

    If you apply for a car loan with Active Finance, we won’t subject you to the ‘usual lending criteria’. We understand that people in all sorts of different situations require loans for cars to help out with work, family and social activities. When you apply for a car loan for a private sale, we treat your application individually, and assess it based on your ability to pay back the loan, not on your past credit history. That means we can help almost anyone, including people applying for their first loan, and people that may not have the strongest credit history possible. We’re more interested in helping you purchase the car you want than finding reasons not to approve your loan.

    Apply online for the best private sale car finance

    To get started with your car loan for private sales today, fill out our simple online application form , and you’ll see just how quick and painless it is to get your loan approved with Active Finance. Alternatively, check our options for vehicle financing , or get in touch  with our friendly and experienced team for the best advice on securing your car loan.

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