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    Car Dealer Loans & Finance

    When you buy a car from a car dealership, they’ll often offer you car financing options to assist your purchase. Why not let us help you with your car dealer loan or car financing? You’ll get the best of both worlds: a great car loan deal whilst not being tied to any particular car dealership. Of course, we can also direct you to one of our authorised car dealers – who we know will look after you. We only build relationships with those who promote good ethics and have good stock that will fit your requirements.

    • Fast loan approval process
    • All licences considered
    • Good and Bad credit
    • Minimum net income from only $420.00 per week
    • Finance from $2,000.00
    • Flexible repayment options
    • Full range of insurances available

    Get a car dealership loan pre-approved

    It’s not just car dealer loans with competitive fees that we offer. We also offer pre-approval for your car loan. If you haven’t yet found the car you want to buy, we can pre-approve a car loan for you, so you know exactly the amount you have to spend.  If you are still shopping around, we can pre-approve a car loan, so you know exactly the amount you have to spend. We’ll even transfer the money directly to the dealership when you’re ready to buy, so there’s no waiting around. That saves you getting stuck with limited options when you find the car that’s right for you.

    A pre-approved car loan from Active Finance will also give you a bit more power in price negotiations. When you opt for a car dealer loan or car dealer financing, you’re limited to their pricing and interest rates. With a pre-approved loan from Active Finance, however, you can negotiate as a cash buyer, which can help to lower the overall costs of your purchase.

    Car dealer loans tailored to your individual needs

    Getting a loan from Active Finance is a little different from experiences you may have had with traditional financial institutions such as banks. At Active Finance, we don’t assess your application against ‘normal lending criteria’, because we believe that every application is different. Therefore, we’ll assess your application for a car dealer loan based on its own merits. Even if it’s the first loan you’re applying for, or you don’t have a perfect credit record, Active Finance can still help you out. By using a wide range of lenders, we can assess all the available options for you and find something that best suits your current financial situation. We’ll work to find a loan that works for you, not one that works for your car dealer.

    Apply online for the best car dealership finance

    If you’re considering getting finance from a car dealer, give Active Finance a call to see if we can help you save money on your financing. Alternatively, to get started with your loan application today, simply fill out our quick online form, and leave the rest with us. We’ll take a look through your application, and get back to you with some great options for a car dealer car loan. You won’t believe how easy the whole process is with Active Finance.

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