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    Get pre-approved car finance

    You’ve figured out your budget and you’re almost ready to start car shopping. But it’s a good idea to get loan pre-approval first.

    What does loan pre-approval mean?

    Loan pre-approval means you know exactly how much you have to spend. Then when you find your dream car the money will be available almost immediately.

    Application is free! Simply apply online and someone from our helpful and friendly staff will be in touch within hours to discuss your application.

    Shopping is easier with a pre approved car loan

    With pre approval you already know your interest rate and how much you’ll borrow each month. That way you can concentrate on just getting the best deal for your car.

    Pre approval also gives you the power to negotiate as a cash purchaser, so you can get the best possible price on your car.

    Pre approval helps with bad credit ratings

    We know people have a bit of bad luck sometimes. Don’t let poor credit history discourage you from applying. Even you’ve got a bad credit rating we can help.

    No matter what, we’ll work with you to get you your dream car.

    Check out our current finance rates and offers here.

    Get instant pre approved car finance right now here.

    What you need to apply

    You need details around your budget, your current earnings and any other debts.

    Three tips for applying for a car loan

    Getting a car loan is a big decision. Use these tips to help get the best deal on financing your new wheels.

    1. Check your credit reports

    Understanding your credit rating helps you make better decisions. And there might be something you can fix before you go loan shopping. There are three different credit companies in NZ. You’ll need to check all of them to get your full rating.

    It’s free to get a copy of your credit report, but it might cost you if you want it done fast.

    2. Shop around for the best rate

    Just like when you’re looking for cars, make sure you’re getting a great loan rate.

    3. Choose the shortest loan term you can afford

    You’ll have higher monthly payments, but in the end you’ll pay less overall.