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    Business Car Loans & Finance

    New vehicles can really make an impact on the image that your business projects, helping you to appear professional and successful. However, it’s not always financially practical to update your vehicles regularly, even when they need it. Active Finance can help out by providing business car loans and finance. If you need to replace your current fleet, or you’re looking for pre-approval for a business car loan so you can shop around with freedom, talk to the team at Active Finance to see how they can help.

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    Get a business car loan pre-approved

    If you haven’t found new business vehicles to buy yet, we can still help you out with pre-approval for a business car loan. That gives you the confidence of knowing how much you can spend, and that the money will be available immediately when you find the right motor vehicles for your business. It also means that you’ll have a bit more negotiating power, as you’re able to pay in cash almost immediately.

    Active Finance offers vehicle financing and business car loans at extremely competitive rates. We keep fees to an absolute minimum, so you can invest your money where it counts – in assets for your business – rather than paying for paperwork. We also take time to understand your financial situation, and create a flexible payment schedule with you that suits your business finances.

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    Vehicle Finance tailored to your business needs

    At Active Finance, we understand that businesses go through seasonal cycles, and there are always ups and downs. So, we don’t assess your application for a business car loan against a strict set of criteria. Instead, we assess each financing and business car loan application individually, based on the ability of your business to repay the loan over time. This means we can help almost anyone, even those with new businesses, or businesses that may have experienced credit issues in the past. As we use a wide lender base, we can do the shopping around for you, and come up with a business car loan and flexible repayment scheme that will suit any business.

    Apply online for the best business car finance deal

    If it’s time for a new image and new vehicles at your business, then it’s time you talked to Active Finance. Get started today by filling out our simple online application form. You’ll be surprised how quick and easy it is to get your business car loan approved by Active Finance and then we can even come and visit you to get the documents finalised! Alternatively, if you’d like to discuss some of the options we have available for vehicle financing, contact our friendly team  and we will be happy to help.

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