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    Bad Credit Car Loans & Finance

    It can be incredibly frustrating trying to get a loan when you have bad credit history, particularly when you need it to replace your car, upgrade to a bigger vehicle or purchase your first car. At Active Finance, we understand the frustration of trying to get a bad credit car loan, but we are here to help. We believe that bad credit is not the end of the world, and shouldn’t stop you getting a loan for the things you need, such as cars or other vehicles. We also don’t think you should be stuck with unfairly high interest rates, and that’s why we work to get the best possible rates for bad credit car loans.

    Get a bad credit car loan pre-approved

    Active Finance can help by approving a loan to buy a car, or giving you pre-approval so that you have the freedom to shop around, regardless of your past credit history. If you have already found a vehicle to buy, Active Finance can use its network of lenders to find you a bad credit car loan at a great interest rate. We also keep fees to a minimum, so you can spend the money you have available on purchasing a car rather than on the application process. If you are thinking about purchasing a car, Active Finance can pre-approve you for a bad credit car loan or financing option. Pre-approval means you know exactly how much you have to spend, and you can be confident that if you find the right vehicle, the money will be available almost immediately. It also gives you the power to negotiate as a cash purchaser, so you can get the best possible price on the car you need.

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    We won’t just judge you by your credit rating

    While you may struggle to get a bad credit car loan or financing from traditional financial institutions, Active Finance is different. We already know that you don’t meet the ‘normal lending criteria’ of the banks, but we don’t think that means you shouldn’t be able to get a loan at all. When you apply to us, we assess your application on its own merits, and on your current ability to pack back a bad credit car loan. Your bad credit history shouldn’t affect your future, so we strive to help anyone, regardless of credit history.

    Ready to apply for a bad credit car loan? Apply online now.

    We’ll even help you improve your credit score

    As we use a wide array of lenders, we can present you with the best options, so you can be confident that you’ll still get a great interest rate even if you have a poor credit history. We can also help to tailor a flexible repayment scheme for your bad credit car loan that perfectly suits your financial situation. That helps you manage your finances in the future, so you can end up improving your credit score in time.

    Apply online & get one step closer to your dream car

    To see how we can help you with a bad credit car loan, fill out our quick and simple online application form. You’ll be surprised what we can do to help you, and how painless the process is with Active Finance. If you would like to talk through some of the options available, contact our friendly and experienced team, and they’ll provide you with the best advice for your situation.

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