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    Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to help assist you with your loan process.

    We can offer advice and work out the perfect solution to help with your loan or finance requirements.

    Our Staff:


    The boss, the man in charge, our fearless leader, the founder of Active Finance. He likes manly things like fishing, rugby, bourbon, camping etc. Craig has the answers for everything, and is often referred to as the finance guru. His brain is so full of finance knowledge, it has pushed all the hair from his head. Although Matt below thinks he has the highest approval rate within the team it’s only due to Craig’s intervention that helps him achieve this! But we’re really not competitive ….. honestly! We just love helping people


    Cher is a recurring team member that can’t stay away. Working remotely from the lovely tropics of Whitianga, Cher is happy to serve and process  your loan applications from her beachfront office. Cher’s passions include sand castles, body surfing, and making forts with chairs and blankets. Cher is also a prolific reader and enjoys all genres of reading material from NZV8 Magazine to 50 Shades of Grey.


    Matt is our finance consultant, IT guru, Signup guy, and is a Master at most things and is always happy to help. Likes the usual things like rugby, fishing, and beer. He has hair, drives a black Nissan Note (Got downgraded from the Holden), drinks Speights, so is a lot more manly than Craig. Will work with people to find them the best solution and finance package. Matt has the highest approval ratio at Active Finance and is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure complete customer satisfaction

    Mark (Also known as Smitty)

    Mark is our remote staff member who works from his luxurious studio office in Taupo. His 20+ years in finance make him very knowledgeable and he can find a solution to most finance requests. He likes motorbikes, horses, and riding most things. He has a passionate obsession with Elton John, loves X-Factor and The Bachelor, and spends his weekend in his pottery studio or out enjoying the sights of Taupo


    Emma has recently joined our team and has been a perfect fit. Her bubbly helpful personality makes her a pleasure to deal with. She has a major coffee addiction and on last count has approx 7 cups per day. Emma is very established in the crochet scene, and quite often can be seen around the shops wearing one of her hand crocheted onesie.  She has a pet rock named Fred, and is actively looking for a partner for him

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